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About Savannah's Hope

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What we are       about

​We are striving to build housing for our special needs kids who want to live independently. As parents we know how scary it can be not knowing where your child may end up if you are not there. This community will provide homes that are rented by the individuals and the family still your have control of money and how their child lives. We will be onsite to keep Savannah's Hope going and continue to add to our dream and your child's.


Imagine a place where your child can swim or horseback ride, a social room for hanging with friends, sitting by the fire pit and listening to music and dancing. Living and enjoying life all while living independently. This is our vision and we hope you will join us in making it a reality for all our special friends.

Our Board Members

Paul & Renee' Easterling

Jeanette McDonald

Christopher McCluskie

Landen Easterling

Patsy Persons

Amanda Jones

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